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Diving Company in Douala Port – United Marine Services Ltd

Diving Company in Douala Port – United Marine Services Ltd

Servicing the Shipping, oil and gas industries

Specialties: Diving, Uwild Inspection, Underwater Welding, Hull Cleaning, Welding/Fabrication, Industrial Cleaning & Painting, Cooling System, Boat Hiring.


Reg. No. TPPRR/LBE/2017/B/0262


  • We continue working on projects to add value to our services.
  • Treat our partners and clients with the highest degree of concern by putting ourselves in their position when serving, making their business the center of concern.
  • Undertake research and innovation within the industries for continuous improvement in the quality of services provided.
  • Ensure proper network communication among our staff and the industries we serve.
  • Pursue effective policies of equal opportunity and commitment to quality to all areas of activities.

Cameroon Port of Douala-Bonaberi

Port Overview 

The Port of Douala is accessed through a channel measuring 50km that requires constant dredging. The draught level at Wouri Channel is 5.5m plus tide from 1.85m to 2.9m. Tide variance is between 0.3m at low water and to 2.9m at high water. The draught permitting vessels movements are fixed 1 hour before high tide for berthing or sailing, but no later than 1 hour after. 

Towing is compulsory for vessels above 10,000 tpl.  There are presently 3 tug boats operating in the port. Piloting is compulsory for all vessels. 

Working hours: 

  • 2 shifts: 0730hrs – 1700hrs and 1730hrs – 0630hrs 
  • Port overtime: Saturday, Sunday, National holidays and after 1800hrs on normal days. 


  • 1st January : New Year Day [Not workable] 
  • 11th February: Youth Day 
  • [Variable] March: Easter Day 
  • 1st May: Labour Day [Not workable] 
  • 5th May: Ascension 
  • 20th May: National day [Not workable] 
  • 15th August: Assumption 
  • 25th December: Christmas day [Not workable] 
  • Unfixed: Ramadan & Tabaski

[Not workable day: port operation stopped 1800hrs the day before and resumed 0700hrs the day after. No operation, no sailing or berthing during closure period]          

Port website: 

Key port information may also be found at Maritime Database

Country Cameroon 
Province and District Littoral 
Town or City (Closest) Douala 
Port Name Autonomous Port of Douala 
Latitude 04°03’5 N 
Longitude 09°41’8 E 
Company / Port Authority Autonomous Port of Douala 
Management Contact Autonomous Port of Douala BP 4020, 81 rue de la Chambre de Commerce, Bonanjo, Douala Tel.: +237 33 42 73 22 / 233 42 01 33 / 233 43 55 84 Fax. +237 33 42 67 97  Email : 
Nearest Airport and Airlines with Frequent International Arrivals/Departures Douala International Airport 

Port Picture

Douala Port Bonaberi - Cameroon

Description and Contacts of Key Companies 

Dept/Agency Name and address Tel / Fax 
DIT (Douala International Terminal) BP3945, Port de Douala, Quai de la Marine Tel1:+237 233 43 93 40 Fax: +237 233 43 93 41 
Consortium composed of: Dutch operator AP Moller-Maersk (31%) French GETMA / Bollore Group (28%) Cameroonian operators DIT was selected to manage and operate the Douala Container Terminal facilities for 15 years in July of 2004. Under the agreement, the consortium will assume responsibility for management, stevedoring and terminal handling of container and ro-ro vessels. 

The main clearing agents at the port of Douala are presented in the table below.

Clearing agent and Address Contact Names / Email Tel / Fax Comments 
DAMCO-MAERSK S.A Zone UDEAC, Maersk Place, Bonanjo Name: Ms. Abiola Abodel Beatrice Title: Aid & Relief Account Manager Email: Website: Tel1: 680 00 11 23 Tel2: 233 50 05 00 Shipping, Transit, Handling, Transport, Forwarding 
Bollore Transport and Logistics (Bollore Group)  Name: Philippe Toure Title: Departement Hinterland Email: Tel1: 233 50 12 12 Tel2: 699 93 70 29 Shipping, Transit, Handling, Transport, Forwarding 
SOCOMAR Rue 1.020, Bonanjo Name: Louis Marie Jeannin Title: DG Email: Email: Tel1: 233 43 09 98 Tel2: 699 93 46 13 Fax: 233 43 09 98 For Vehicles 
Movis Cameroun Rue 1.033, Bonanjo Name: Brice Beaufils Title: Sales Manager Email: Website: 233 42 40 51 / 233 42 47 85 Tel2: 699 50 30 70 Fax: 233 42 42 74  
3 T Cameroun Voie portuaire, Akwa Email: Email:  Website: www.3tfme.comTel1: 233 40 41 70 / 72 / 77 Fax: 233 40 41 74  

For more information on port contacts, please see the following link: 4.4 Cameroon Port and Waterways Company Contact List

Discharge Rates and Terminal Handling Charges

Source: DIT Douala 2006-2019 

The Douala port authority gave the following rates for Tug and Line Handling Services – these are for 2019 though were originally set in 2005.

GRT Tugging / hour (euros) Line handling / hour (euros) 
600 to 1000 186.34 74.53 
1001 to 2000 248.52 99.99 
2001 to 3000 262.7 109.08 
3001 to 4000 289.97 111.81 
4001 to 5000 314.51 116.35 
5001 to 6000 342.23 119.99 
6001 to 7000 372.68 127.25 
7001 to 8000 396.49 129.08 
8001 to 9000 428.13 136.35 
9001 to 10000 452.67 138.16 
* > 10000 479.95 254.52 
* Tugging : Euro 479,95 + Euro 0,32 (GRT – 10000) / 10 Above tariff is including VAT = 19.25% 

Conventional Cargo 

Conventional Cargo Rate 
Direct discharge/loading of imports/exports 3.66 to 4.88 euros/mt when loaded on trucks or discharge into warehouse. 

Containerized cargo 

The Douala port authority gave the same rate in 2019 which is unchanged since 2005. The official rates are still as per the following attachments: 

Douala Tariffs 1

Douala Tariffs 2

Douala Tariffs 3

General Cargo Handling Berths

TypeNumber of berths Length of berth (m) Draught (m) 
Tanker 1 (no. 1) 140 7.3 
Ore/Alumina Petcoke, Pitch 1 (no. 2) 150 8.5 
General cargo + Logs-sawn timbers 9 (nos. 3 to 11) 150 8.5 
Fruits 1 (no. 12) 150 8.5 
Bulk wheat 1 (no. 13) 150 8.5 
Containers (Gantry cranes) 3 (nos. 14-16) 150 / each 8.5 
Bonabéri side Liquid gas / product 1 (no. 51) 130 8.5 
Bonabéri side Clinker 1 (no. 52) 160 8.5 

Port Handling Equipment 

Important investments have made in recent years to improve stevedoring at the port of Douala. The concession in 2004 of the containers’ terminal to a private company (Douala International Terminal), a joint-venture between APMT, Bolloré Group and Cameroonians operators) should therefore be viewed as part of the effort of the Cameroonian government to equip the port with modern handling equipment, especially for containers. 

It should be mentioned that bagging machines could be made available in case of bulk cargo. This possibility exists with Nectar. 

Appliance Quantity Capacity 
Shore Cranes Gantry Cranes 3 units 40 mt/each 
Floating Crane 40 mt/each 
Reachstacker 18  
Forklifts 15 From 4 to 32 mt 
Mobile crane 3  For empty container 
Tractors 30  
Trailers 29 40 mt/each 
Bagging Machines Available with private companies, upon request.  
Silos facilities 6 silos of 1,500 ft., belonging to private wheat flour company.  

Gantry cranes at Douala

Diving Company in Douala Port - United Marine Services Ltd
Diving Company in Douala Port - United Marine Services Ltd

Container Facilities 

20ft (TEUs)40ft (TEUs)
Container facilities Yes Yes 
Daily off-take capacity                   500 TEUs/day (stat.2004) 
Container Freight Stations (CFS) Yes Yes 
Number of CFS 
Capacity of CFS                                 5,000 TEUs (per day)
Refrigerated Container Stations Yes Yes 
Number of Stations (connection points) 

Most of the terminal had been resurfaced, either tarmac or cobbles, allowing equipment to operate efficiently. Four gantry cranes are functioning which can carry more than 16 mph each. 20 Stevedores have been well trained to operate the cranes. Shore handling equipment is in good order and has sufficient capacity to cope with volume of vessels. Equipment comprises of Top lifters, Reach-stackers and Forklifts that are supplied by the stevedores. The storage/repair yard equipment is modern and in good working order. 

Storage Facilities 

There are 22 hectares of stacking area, 28,000 m2 of quay strip and terminal buildings.  

The terminal (Container Terminal ITS GIE) itself has 3 berths and can handle over 5,000 TEU full containers in its stacking area. 15 metres separates stacks, allowing terminal equipment to work. Space is also allocated for Ro-Ro and quay allows cargo/equipment to move around terminal efficiently. 

Port Storage

Quantity  Floor area (m2) 
Bonded warehouses  58,000  
Cold storage  8,000 
Plugs for reefer containers 120 reefer plugs  
Container storage yard  380,000 
General Cargo storage yard  200,000 


The number of dockers at the port of Douala is estimated at about 2,000. They are managed by a joint-venture established by main port operators. 


The port of Douala has been ISPS compliant since July 1st 2004.  

ISPS Level (1=Normal; 2=Heightened; 3=Exceptional)1

Diving Company in Douala Port – United Marine Services Ltd

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As an accredited marine surveyor in Cameroon, United Marine Services LTD (UMS) offers a comprehensive range of independent marine surveying and consultancy services in the West and Central African region. As the maritime industry becomes ever more complex, it’s good to know you have a competent partner in United Marine Services LTD (UMS).

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